All photos licensed CC-By-SA 4.0, and can also be found on Wikimedia Commons.

1 Line scan photos

Shinkansen N700A Series
FIGURE 1 Shinkansen N700 Series, Himeji, Japan, 2017
San Francisco Cable Car
FIGURE 2 Cable Car, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2017
FIGURE 3 BART C1, San Francisco, CA, 2017
AVE Class 102
FIGURE 4 AVE Class 102, Madrid, Spain, 2018
FIGURE 5 PCC streetcar, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2018
FIGURE 6 NYC Subway, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2020

2 Normal photos

FIGURE 7 Victorian house in San Francisco, CA, 2020
FIGURE 8 Apocalyptic San Francisco, CA, 2020
Apple Park
FIGURE 9 Apple Park, Cupertino, CA, 2018
Ferry building
FIGURE 10 Ferry building, San Francisco, CA, 2017
Bay Bridge
FIGURE 11 Bay Bridge, San Francisoc, CA, 2017
Market at Third
FIGURE 12 Market Street at Third Street, San Francisco, CA, 2017
San Francisco City Hall
FIGURE 13 San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA, 2016
FIGURE 14 Centerm, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Broderie Room
FIGURE 15 Broderie Room at the Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh, PA, 2015
Hillman Library
FIGURE 16 Hillman Library, Pittsburgh, PA, 2015